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  • Other than being a peacekeeping organization, the UN works to help countries in social and economic matters. This highly acclaimed Organization which aims at advancing justice and international law also work for the downtrodden by promoting human right laws and gives aids to victims of war. The UN is mainly composed of six vital organs. These organs are; the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice and the Secretariat. Not more than five representatives head each of these crucial organs which make up the UN. THE PURPOSE OF THE UNITED NATIONS Chapter 1, Article 1 of the United Nations Charter, proposes the following to be the purpose of the Organization:

    • The first objective is to maintain international peace and security, which can be ensured by curbing any activity that will threaten the peace among nations. The UN assures peace and tranquillity by making sure that all states follow and abide by the principles of international law and justice. If disputes arise between countries, it should be dealt civilly as prescribed by the rules of this Charter sans any aggressive act and breach of international law and justice.
    • Equal rights and self-determination of citizens are of primary importance for creating friendly relations between nation-states.
    • The UN tries to bring together all the countries to work hand in hand to resolve international issues involving economic, social, political, cultural and humanitarian aspects. The Organization ardently promotes human rights and fundamental rights to all human beings regardless of any form of discrimination.
    • The UN has taken a standpoint to achieve all its goals and aspiration through bringing together all the nation-states.
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    Chapter 1, Article 2 of the UN Charter prescribes the method by which the purposes the Organization aims to achieve can be reached.
    • The Organization is governed by the principles of sovereign equality.
    • For the countries to garner the full benefits and rights of being part of the United Nations, they should completely abide by the principles laid out in the Charter and should collectively aim at achieving the goals set by the UN.
    • If an international dispute occurs, the countries are expected to deal with it in a civil manner with accordance with the rules laid out by the International Court of Law, thereby maintaining peace.
    • No country shall go against the purpose of the UN by using force to threaten other states using violence and aggression. Nor shall they interfere in the political integrity and freedom of other states.
    • Every State, which is part of the United Nations, should assist it in reaching the goals set by the Charter. On the other hand, these States should not provide aid to other nation states that are undergoing preventive and enforcement action by the UN.
    • The UN also keeps a check on the nations that are not part of the Organization to the extent that international peace is assured.
    • UN does not have the authority to deal with matters that are relating to the domestic jurisdiction of any state.


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