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  • Introduction In today's world, online dating is skyrocketing. When we finally find someone online who is interested in us, we tend to leave everything to our cellphones. Online dating depends on communication a lot. In today's digitalized world, the first way to connect with people is through calling them but the most common way is texting. As much as some people find texting unromantic, it can be a very useful tool, especially in online dating. Through Text Chemistry, you can be able to express your feelings without worrying that someone might be seeing you. as much as text chemistry can save you from being embarrassed and from shy confessions, you have to always get it right. That means it is crucial that you keep the conversation smooth and flowing. Otherwise, you will end up losing your date. Because of that, I have compiled a list of rules and guides to help you when texting. Here is a quick guide for you: You should never be aggressive while texting One thing that drives our date away is being aggressive in texting. One thing that makes many people shy away from their dates online is when one becomes sexual aggressive through texting. Unless you have spoken about it before and the two of you have established a parameter, it is not right to send explicit kinds of texts. Only text when you are sober It is not right to send your date a message when you just had a few drinks. You will end up texting things that you will regret having sent them later. There are many people out there who have ended up ruining a good thing and a good relationship due to drunk texting. To avoid the embarrassment of apologizing to your date, keep off your phone when you are drunk. Alternatively, you can give the phone to your trusted friend and let them do the magic Text Chemistry for you. Avoid using unnecessary short forms This is also another problem that many people face these days. Many people have short-form diction in their minds but that doesn't give you the right to text your short-form diction anyhow to your date. Some people do not appreciate those short forms. Some people find such texting childish and others take it as abuse. Use a proper way to write and spell your words. If you are used to abbreviations, try as much as possible to avoid them when texting. Texting in full words isn't that difficult. If you really would wish your texting to win, avoid those abbreviated emoticons. Use emoticons but use them in moderations Many people love emoticons. I also love them very much but when they are overused, they become boring. Your date can start questioning when in every text that you send, an emoticon must be present. Misuse of emoticons depicts someone as a young and naïve person. When you go overboard with your emotions, you will look like a twelve-year-old in the eyes of your date. Check your spelling Do not be that lazy to go through what you are about to send in the name of Text Chemistry. Texts are always short and you might have misspelled some words when texting. It is not that hard to go through what you have written. If you do not check, you will end up sending a text message that cannot be understood or sending a text message with embarrassing or even abusive words. Your text is not a novel that you are being asked to proofread. It will only take you seconds and you are done. Make sure the message you are sending is what you intended. That is possible if you will always be proofreading your text. Wait between texting It is always tempting to reply immediately you receive a text message but it is always good to also play hard to get. Before you fire a reply, you should wait for minutes. Taking ten to twenty minutes before firing your next response is fine. The idea is, you are not that idle. You should give your date a picture that shows you are important and you are a busy bee as well. Keep of flirty text As much as you find your date interesting and attractive, you should not start your conversations with flirty texts. At first, you should try to find out the type of texting that your date loves before you can start with flirty texts. After you have known that your date is okay with the flirty type of texting, that is when you can go ahead with such kinds of texts. Otherwise, you should always avoid the flirty texting style like a plague. If possible, send text pictures Many people love text pictures. If you are being asked about your meal, you can take a picture of it and send it to your date. You can send cute photos of food, places and even clothes you are about to wear. Picture texting can bring out the magic in Text Chemistry. It makes the conversation interesting and flowing. Pictures texting are also a good way to instigate a flirty texting session. Through picture texting, you will get to know your date better and what they like doing. Even when you are busy during the day, picture texting will make you feel intimate with your date.

  • Other than being a peacekeeping organization, the UN works to help countries in social and economic matters. This highly acclaimed Organization which aims at advancing justice and international law also work for the downtrodden by promoting human right laws and gives aids to victims of war. The UN is mainly composed of six vital organs. These organs are; the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice and the Secretariat. Not more than five representatives head each of these crucial organs which make up the UN. THE PURPOSE OF THE UNITED NATIONS Chapter 1, Article 1 of the United Nations Charter, proposes the following to be the purpose of the Organization:

    • The first objective is to maintain international peace and security, which can be ensured by curbing any activity that will threaten the peace among nations. The UN assures peace and tranquillity by making sure that all states follow and abide by the principles of international law and justice. If disputes arise between countries, it should be dealt civilly as prescribed by the rules of this Charter sans any aggressive act and breach of international law and justice.
    • Equal rights and self-determination of citizens are of primary importance for creating friendly relations between nation-states.
    • The UN tries to bring together all the countries to work hand in hand to resolve international issues involving economic, social, political, cultural and humanitarian aspects. The Organization ardently promotes human rights and fundamental rights to all human beings regardless of any form of discrimination.
    • The UN has taken a standpoint to achieve all its goals and aspiration through bringing together all the nation-states.
    United Nations


    Chapter 1, Article 2 of the UN Charter prescribes the method by which the purposes the Organization aims to achieve can be reached.
    • The Organization is governed by the principles of sovereign equality.
    • For the countries to garner the full benefits and rights of being part of the United Nations, they should completely abide by the principles laid out in the Charter and should collectively aim at achieving the goals set by the UN.
    • If an international dispute occurs, the countries are expected to deal with it in a civil manner with accordance with the rules laid out by the International Court of Law, thereby maintaining peace.
    • No country shall go against the purpose of the UN by using force to threaten other states using violence and aggression. Nor shall they interfere in the political integrity and freedom of other states.
    • Every State, which is part of the United Nations, should assist it in reaching the goals set by the Charter. On the other hand, these States should not provide aid to other nation states that are undergoing preventive and enforcement action by the UN.
    • The UN also keeps a check on the nations that are not part of the Organization to the extent that international peace is assured.
    • UN does not have the authority to deal with matters that are relating to the domestic jurisdiction of any state.

  • One of the most labor intensive when in comes to cleaning is the bathroom. This is where people do some of their regular hygienic routines, hence keeping it clean is recommended. You would never want to take a shower on a slippery floor not brush your teeth in a stinky sink. Cleaning it regularly is a good way to ensure that no mold build up or unmanageable clutter will occur. If you do not have much time to spare doing all these legwork, it is highly advised that you hire a professional cleaner instead. Paying a few dollars is nothing compared to the services they can provide. Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Tips Just to help you with this tedious and hard task, this article will give your cleaning and maintenance tips you can use.

    • Wipe your bathroom everyday
    This may sound hard but once you started and force yourself to do it regularly, it will become a habit. Wiping your bathroom floor, vanity, hardware and the like is necessary to ensure that no molds or any germ build up will occur. Of course, your bathroom should be maintained and well cleaned, if you failed to wipe your bathroom yesterday, make sure that you do it today. Tip: If this activity you cannot do, try to have a board you can tick mark every time you are done with the wiping. One of the worst things that may happen to anyone is slipping on the bathroom floor. By wiping your bathroom to dry regularly, you can eliminate this accident from happening.
    • Take advantage of laundry baskets
    You have two options for your dirty clothes, one you can bring it straight inside your room and put it in your own laundry basket or two, have a laundry basket available in your bathroom so dirty clothes will go straight to the basket and not on the floor or anywhere else. Either would do, but just to make sure that you will not see any dirty clothes on the floor or any parts of the bathroom, have a laundry basket dedicated inside it. Also, this is a good way to train your little ones on the proper upkeep of their dirty, used clothes.
    • Use a squeegee
    If you have a glass shower door, using of squeegee can make the glass cleaning fast. All you need to do is glide it to the glass and voila, it will look new again. You can use the squeegee not only in the bathroom but also other parts of the house that have windows. Squeegee is not too expensive hence having it available when needed is not a pain on your bank account. For glass cleaning, you may also want to take advantage using glass cleaners. Although these solution may not be needed to be used and applied regularly.
    • Follow strictly a cleaning schedule
    To ensure you wont forget cleaning your bathroom, follow a strict schedule. If you are wiping your bathroom everyday, perform a general bathroom cleaning at least once a week. Proper cleaning includes scrubbing of walls, cleaning toilet bowls, and more. You can have it done once in a week or when needed. To make sure that you wont forget, you can mark it on your phone calendar so it will alarm when it is time for you to clean your bathroom. If you failed to perform the job on the day specified, make sure that you do it the following day. Keeping your bathroom unclean for a long time is definitely not hygienic at all.
    • Hire a professional
    Of course, if you cannot do the job, let someone do it for you instead. Sure, not everyone has the time to clean their bathroom by themselves, not because they are lazy but because they just have no time to do so. Hiring a professional is actually advantageous. Some of the benefits you can get from hiring professional bathroom cleaners are:
    • Assurance that your bathroom will be cleaned accurately and properly
    • Convenience of not doing the hard labor and just waiting for the cleaners to finish the cleaning on your behalf
    • You can take this responsibility out of your calendar and spend the time you save to your family or other things you need to do
    • They know a lot better than you, hence you are assured that your bathroom will be cleaned properly
    • They have all the cleaning tools necessary to make your bathroom look and feel clean
    • They give their work guarantee
    There are many benefits of hiring a professional, but other still do not consider this option as they are not agreeing paying extra. If the professional fee is something that you do not want to shoulder, it is best if you do it yourself instead.
    • Replace defective faucets, shower caps, bulbs immediately
    Make sure that everything in your bathroom is functioning properly. If there are defects, replacing it immediately is necessary. Never let a faucet leaking for a long time as you are not just wasting water if you do so but also making the issue graver and maybe unfixable. Replacing bulbs is another thing you need to do soon, as you would never want to use a dark bathroom. If you want to know and learn more about keeping up with your bathroom, read articles from different sites like behindtheshower. By doing so, you are giving yourself opportunity to learn more about your home and tips you can use to make your home highly functional for everyone.

  • Selection of the new toilet for your home might not be as simple as you think, unless you are not interested to make any improvements. Definitely, you can select the basic and standard option which is suitable for all the family members without considering the modern advancements, but this would not let you enjoy the latest things which you can buy in same price group. When you are looking for a new toilet, this would surely be a very hectic thing to do because there are many options available and selecting the right product for your home washroom will get difficult to chose unless you have a great understanding of all the options available. Cost of the product is not the only decisive factor which you need to consider while making the purchase. Why price is not the only important thing? Some people think that when they are paying heavy amounts, they can expect a good thing in return. This might work to some extent, but it would not work all the time because buying a good toilet is not merely about buying the top notch quality product, it is more about selecting a product which is more suitable to your personal requirements. A very costly toilet of large size might not be a suitable choice for your small washroom and similarly a very small and compact toilet might look odd in your large washroom. This is just an example of thing which you should look when you are making the purchase for a good toilet from https://www.besttoiletguides.com. In order to make a good decision, you should make sure that you have taken proper measurements of your washroom and you are confident about the type of the toilet that you have shortlisted. In your designated area, you might not be able to enjoy all the types of toilets, therefore it is very important to select the type of toilet carefully before making any advancements in the purchase process. Factors that play an important role in deciding for the best toilets There are a lot of factors that play their part in the determination of best toilets. These factors might include the basic and advanced ones which you never considered important while making the purchase decision. After reading this guide, you would come in a better position to select the proper toilet from https://www.besttoiletguides.com based on the following factors:

    • Chances of clearing the clog of your toilet drainpipe
    • Type of the trap used in toilet – S-trap or the P-trap
    • Bowl cleaning and flushing mechanism used
    • Used for solid or liquid waste?
    • Size of the toilet – would it be equally good for elder people at home?
    • Color of the toilet
    • Texture and type of the toilet seat
    • Space available in your washroom
    • Dimensions of your washroom
    With a proper consideration of the above-mentioned factors, you can easily make a good decision about the purchase of a good toilet from a nice online retail store. Online shopping must be done carefully and should always be conducted from a reputable store, especially when you are going to spend a lot of money of capital nature. You should always compare the different toilet products available in the market at https://www.besttoiletguides.com and should only make the final purchase when you have compared all the related products under different brands available in the market. In addition to that, you should also check for the reputation of online store from the internet before you make the right decision. You might end up in purchasing from a wrong vendor if you have not searched about the vendor properly on the internet. This is important to do because there are many fraud online retail stores working on the internet which are selling false products in the name of original brands. It is therefore very important to select a proper store in this regard. Luckily, there are many options available when it comes to buy toilets and you can easily make your selection after careful analysis of the available options in your area. What are the good toilets? A good toilet has many characteristics which are important to consider. Good toilet would not only offer you a better look in your washroom with compact design but would also use better technology for flushing and other mechanism. The modern toilets are manufactured with specific focus on water conservation because water is getting low with every passing day and it is very important to use products in our daily lives which are manufactured with an intention of saving water for our future generations. In this regard, the best thing that you might find at https://www.besttoiletguides.com is the dual flush technology which includes a half flush for liquid waste removal and a full flush for solid waste. This technology is used widely now and is available with all the modern toilet seats. Th lever of these toilet seats are different, having two buttons one for the full flush and second for the half flush. Purchasing the right kind of toilet might not be a very simple task especially when it comes to cater the modern requirements but if you follow the advice mentioned here, you would buy a nice product for your home, office or for the improvement project. It is very important to make a purchase that is consistent with the market rates and offers the best value for money.

  • An itinerary is a schedule that assists in organizing, this also helps is completing the process and that makes the process much faster. People will not have a problem. There are many people who are very confused and do not know how to go ahead. They need options to plan their travel and that can help them to get the work done and make the process much easier. There are many people who are very confused and are looking at solutions, once you are sure of getting the solutions then process becomes much easier. Excel can help you to get the template and make the process much better. One needs to have something to plan and that is very important. Many people are very worried, and this is one of the main reasons, why you need to take this seriously.

    1. travel plans
    2. meetings
    3. conferences
    4. other events
    Itineraries are mostly used in business trips and personal travel. They provide a record of important details like lodging details, transportation, business meetings, tourism plans, as well as emergency contacts. Make sure that you try out Check out Sara's travel collection here. Once you do that then things become easy and you will not have any issues. This is something very important, which you need to keep track of. It you want to travel, you can do that and that will make the process much easier and you will not have any issue. This is something very important and you need to keep this in mind. Is itinerary important? Itinerary help to:
    1. plan ahead
    2. prioritize activities
    3. pack appropriately
    4. save time
    Free travel itinerary templates for Microsoft Excel and Word, PDF, and Google Docs are available. All of the templates are professionally designed and easy to use, and you can print them to provide a hardcopy during travel or to utilize in a meeting. With so much of choice in the market selecting the right options is always better. This is something that is very important and you need to keep track of. It is very important that you plan your things well in advance and that will make the process much easier. You will not have a problem and this is something that you need to keep a track of. Itinerary Templates are classified into the following categories:
    1. business itinerary templates
    2. vacation itinerary templates
    3. meeting and event itinerary templates
    There are different kinds of templates and that makes the process much easier and you will never have a problem with anything. Lots of people are looking for many solutions and that is something very important. Business Travel Itinerary Templates This is a Google sheets itinerary template therefore you can save it in your drive account, can access it online, share it with colleagues and this is something very important and you need to keep track of this. It is something very serious and you should really work hard on it. It keeps track of flight information, accommodations, meetings and rental car details, this is something very important that one needs to know. Make sure that you Check out Sara's travel collection here. Business Travel Itinerary Template Vacation Itinerary Templates With this template, you can plan for a three day trip, five day or a longer vacation. Record plans for each day. Can include restaurant reservations, transportation, entertainment and lodgings. There are lots of options and one needs to select something based on the needs and requirement and once that happens, then process become much more simpler. Meeting and Event Itinerary Templates Formal Meeting Itinerary Template-this is a Google document template showing topics to be covered. Presenter names, time allotted per agenda item, names of attendees, objectives, location. Always make sure that you go in for Check out Sara's travel collection here. Formal Meeting Itinerary Template Vacation Itinerary Template Event Itinerary Template This is mainly for conferences, fundraising, and workshop among others. You can show activities in different locations simultaneously. Work Management in Smart sheet- Used to Create Flawless Travel Itineraries. A software tool that enables planning and collaboration in real time is the key to effective, economical business and personal travel. Self-service reports and dash boards are mainly used in Smart sheet to provide real time visibility. How to Prepare an Itinerary
    1. Gather travel documents and all information related to your upcoming trip.
    2. Open a blank document in a text editor or word processor where you are going to write your itinerary.
    3. Divide your itinerary into sections
    4. Feed information into sections.
    5. Proofread and double-check your work.
    Event Itinerary Template What is Skeletal Itinerary? Skeletal itinerary–this is a kind of itinerary that includes the bare necessities. It lists out all activities, short and sketchy. You can enjoy your trip without much worries. How to Make an Itinerary in Google Doc
    1. Open your Gmail account.
    2. Go to “Drive” option and click it.
    3. A new tab will open, click on “New”.
    4. Select “Google Docs”
    5. Use either a blank document or a template.
    Basic elements of a good Itinerary
    1. Title - this notifies any ready the purpose of the document. The title must be directly related to the purpose of the document.
    2. Names - people in the trip must have all their three names in the document.
    3. Time and date - put the exact date and time into the document
    4. Location details - provide people with information on where they are to go; describe the area.
    5. Amount paid - the itinerary must track the actual amount of money that each individual has paid.
    There are many people who are confused about selecting the right options. Many people are very confused about how should one go ahead. This is something very important and you need to keep a track of this. So many options are there are people can really make things which will make it easier for one and all.

  • Car covers are widely used to protect cars from outside environment and it is a wise decision to protect your investment. No doubt, car covers bring convenience to you which is fundamental to these precautionary measures but a part from the convenience they provide, there are many other reasons why people use these covers. The problem with car covers is that there are too many options to select from and when a person has to buy his first car cover, it is a real tough task for him to decide from the available options. The two main deciding factors that play an important role in proper selection are as follows:

    • The budget: How much money you are willing to spend on car covers
    • The place where you park your car: Inside the garage or outside the house
    If you are tight at budget and want to buy a nominal product, you would get a lot of options because there are universal car covers present in local markets to protect the cars from all weather conditions. These universal covers come both with rain protection and heat protection which are damaging your car when parked outside. First, let us have a look why people tend to buy The Car Cover for their vehicles. Most common reasons why people buy car covers: There are plenty of reasons and different people might have their specific reasons, but to get a generalized idea following key points are enough to understand the psychology of people covering their vehicles. This is not only limited to the protection of their cars but also expands to the peace of mind and convenience they extract from proper covering of their automobiles.
    • It is protected – when you cover the car with an appropriate cover, it is protected from the outside environment. Snow, rain, heat and direct sunlight can all damage your vehicle and reduce its useful life and that is why people try to protect their investment. Some people also buy indoor covers to protect their cars from dust and scratches. There is a possibility of kids scratching the cards while taking stuff from the garage and therefore some people prefer to keep their vehicles covered all the time, no matter where these are parked.
    • Convenience – with a properly covered car, people are less required to clean their cars. There will be a less chance for dust to stick on their cars and they would enjoy the clean car for several days before they need to get a car wash.
    • Protecting the inside – Only a few people understand this fact that indoor unit of cars is also affected with weather conditions. When you park your car in direct sunlight for several hours, it will damage the dash board and your seat covers. It is therefore important to protect the indoor unit too with the help of car covers.
    • Maintaining the resale value – Resale value of any asset can be protected with great care and using The Car Cover can actually help you achieve your target of selling the car at an appropriate price. No one wants to buy a damaged and ugly car and if you want to sell it at high price, you need to protect it during the time it belongs to you.
    • Minimizing theft risk – when you own a new car, there is a more risk of it being theft, however when you park it outside and cover it no one would know that the car is new. People use this strategy to hide their new asset as well!
    Which car cover to use – decisive factors: The purchase decision would greatly depend on the reason why you are going to use a car cover. If you are concerned with the protection of your car as it is parked outside most of the time, you would be required to consider the weather conditions in which you live. There are two extreme possibilities. Whether you live in an extreme rainy climate or in a hot climate. There are different car covers for these conditions. If you live in a hot climate, there is no need to buy a water resistant cover as this would be useless. In this situation, a cover which has the potential to protect your dashboard and outer body of your car from UV rays should be your priority and vice versa. Water proof car covers are double layered car covers with special fabric used in their manufacturing. This type of cover does not allow the rain to pour inside. This type of cover is also good to use when you are going to park in a snowy weather. How to purchase? There are many options to purchase The Car Cover, you can visit your local automotive store for this purpose or can order the cover that will fit to your car from web stores. Internet shopping will save your time and travel cost as there are many professional sellers out there who understands the exact requirements of different areas and they would be in a better position to guide you about what type of cover you should use. Buying a universal cover is easier, as you need not to check the fitting and all. However if you want your car to look appropriate, it is suggested to buy a properly fitted car cover that will not only increase the aesthetics but would also provide you with a better protection as these are designed for specific needs.


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