A simple guide to texting

A simple guide to texting


In today’s world, online dating is skyrocketing. When we finally find someone online who is interested in us, we tend to leave everything to our cellphones. Online dating depends on communication a lot. In today’s digitalized world, the first way to connect with people is through calling them but the most common way is texting. As much as some people find texting unromantic, it can be a very useful tool, especially in online dating. Through Text Chemistry, you can be able to express your feelings without worrying that someone might be seeing you. as much as text chemistry can save you from being embarrassed and from shy confessions, you have to always get it right. That means it is crucial that you keep the conversation smooth and flowing. Otherwise, you will end up losing your date. Because of that, I have compiled a list of rules and guides to help you when texting. Here is a quick guide for you:

You should never be aggressive while texting

One thing that drives our date away is being aggressive in texting. One thing that makes many people shy away from their dates online is when one becomes sexual aggressive through texting. Unless you have spoken about it before and the two of you have established a parameter, it is not right to send explicit kinds of texts.

Only text when you are sober

It is not right to send your date a message when you just had a few drinks. You will end up texting things that you will regret having sent them later. There are many people out there who have ended up ruining a good thing and a good relationship due to drunk texting. To avoid the embarrassment of apologizing to your date, keep off your phone when you are drunk. Alternatively, you can give the phone to your trusted friend and let them do the magic Text Chemistry for you.

Avoid using unnecessary short forms

This is also another problem that many people face these days. Many people have short-form diction in their minds but that doesn’t give you the right to text your short-form diction anyhow to your date. Some people do not appreciate those short forms. Some people find such texting childish and others take it as abuse. Use a proper way to write and spell your words. If you are used to abbreviations, try as much as possible to avoid them when texting. Texting in full words isn’t that difficult. If you really would wish your texting to win, avoid those abbreviated emoticons.

Use emoticons but use them in moderations

Many people love emoticons. I also love them very much but when they are overused, they become boring. Your date can start questioning when in every text that you send, an emoticon must be present. Misuse of emoticons depicts someone as a young and naïve person. When you go overboard with your emotions, you will look like a twelve-year-old in the eyes of your date.

Check your spelling

Do not be that lazy to go through what you are about to send in the name of Text Chemistry. Texts are always short and you might have misspelled some words when texting. It is not that hard to go through what you have written. If you do not check, you will end up sending a text message that cannot be understood or sending a text message with embarrassing or even abusive words. Your text is not a novel that you are being asked to proofread. It will only take you seconds and you are done. Make sure the message you are sending is what you intended. That is possible if you will always be proofreading your text.

Wait between texting

It is always tempting to reply immediately you receive a text message but it is always good to also play hard to get. Before you fire a reply, you should wait for minutes. Taking ten to twenty minutes before firing your next response is fine. The idea is, you are not that idle. You should give your date a picture that shows you are important and you are a busy bee as well.

Keep of flirty text

As much as you find your date interesting and attractive, you should not start your conversations with flirty texts. At first, you should try to find out the type of texting that your date loves before you can start with flirty texts. After you have known that your date is okay with the flirty type of texting, that is when you can go ahead with such kinds of texts. Otherwise, you should always avoid the flirty texting style like a plague.

If possible, send text pictures

Many people love text pictures. If you are being asked about your meal, you can take a picture of it and send it to your date. You can send cute photos of food, places and even clothes you are about to wear. Picture texting can bring out the magic in Text Chemistry. It makes the conversation interesting and flowing. Pictures texting are also a good way to instigate a flirty texting session. Through picture texting, you will get to know your date better and what they like doing. Even when you are busy during the day, picture texting will make you feel intimate with your date.

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