Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

One of the most labor intensive when in comes to cleaning is the bathroom. This is where people do some of their regular hygienic routines, hence keeping it clean is recommended. You would never want to take a shower on a slippery floor not brush your teeth in a stinky sink.

Cleaning it regularly is a good way to ensure that no mold build up or unmanageable clutter will occur. If you do not have much time to spare doing all these legwork, it is highly advised that you hire a professional cleaner instead. Paying a few dollars is nothing compared to the services they can provide.

Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Just to help you with this tedious and hard task, this article will give your cleaning and maintenance tips you can use.

  • Wipe your bathroom everyday

This may sound hard but once you started and force yourself to do it regularly, it will become a habit. Wiping your bathroom floor, vanity, hardware and the like is necessary to ensure that no molds or any germ build up will occur. Of course, your bathroom should be maintained and well cleaned, if you failed to wipe your bathroom yesterday, make sure that you do it today.

Tip: If this activity you cannot do, try to have a board you can tick mark every time you are done with the wiping. One of the worst things that may happen to anyone is slipping on the bathroom floor. By wiping your bathroom to dry regularly, you can eliminate this accident from happening.

  • Take advantage of laundry baskets

You have two options for your dirty clothes, one you can bring it straight inside your room and put it in your own laundry basket or two, have a laundry basket available in your bathroom so dirty clothes will go straight to the basket and not on the floor or anywhere else.

Either would do, but just to make sure that you will not see any dirty clothes on the floor or any parts of the bathroom, have a laundry basket dedicated inside it. Also, this is a good way to train your little ones on the proper upkeep of their dirty, used clothes.

  • Use a squeegee

If you have a glass shower door, using of squeegee can make the glass cleaning fast. All you need to do is glide it to the glass and voila, it will look new again. You can use the squeegee not only in the bathroom but also other parts of the house that have windows.

Squeegee is not too expensive hence having it available when needed is not a pain on your bank account. For glass cleaning, you may also want to take advantage using glass cleaners. Although these solution may not be needed to be used and applied regularly.

  • Follow strictly a cleaning schedule

To ensure you wont forget cleaning your bathroom, follow a strict schedule. If you are wiping your bathroom everyday, perform a general bathroom cleaning at least once a week. Proper cleaning includes scrubbing of walls, cleaning toilet bowls, and more. You can have it done once in a week or when needed.

To make sure that you wont forget, you can mark it on your phone calendar so it will alarm when it is time for you to clean your bathroom. If you failed to perform the job on the day specified, make sure that you do it the following day. Keeping your bathroom unclean for a long time is definitely not hygienic at all.

  • Hire a professional

Of course, if you cannot do the job, let someone do it for you instead. Sure, not everyone has the time to clean their bathroom by themselves, not because they are lazy but because they just have no time to do so. Hiring a professional is actually advantageous.

Some of the benefits you can get from hiring professional bathroom cleaners are:

  • Assurance that your bathroom will be cleaned accurately and properly
  • Convenience of not doing the hard labor and just waiting for the cleaners to finish the cleaning on your behalf
  • You can take this responsibility out of your calendar and spend the time you save to your family or other things you need to do
  • They know a lot better than you, hence you are assured that your bathroom will be cleaned properly
  • They have all the cleaning tools necessary to make your bathroom look and feel clean
  • They give their work guarantee

There are many benefits of hiring a professional, but other still do not consider this option as they are not agreeing paying extra. If the professional fee is something that you do not want to shoulder, it is best if you do it yourself instead.

  • Replace defective faucets, shower caps, bulbs immediately

Make sure that everything in your bathroom is functioning properly. If there are defects, replacing it immediately is necessary. Never let a faucet leaking for a long time as you are not just wasting water if you do so but also making the issue graver and maybe unfixable.

Replacing bulbs is another thing you need to do soon, as you would never want to use a dark bathroom.

If you want to know and learn more about keeping up with your bathroom, read articles from different sites like behindtheshower. By doing so, you are giving yourself opportunity to learn more about your home and tips you can use to make your home highly functional for everyone.

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